Leading Others, Developing & Managing Yourself

Course Description

Underpinned by positive psychology principles and a contemporary and evidence-based model of work behaviour, the “Leading Self and Leading Others” unit aims to enhance your personal effectiveness and to develop your leadership capabilities.

Effective leadership starts from within. If you cannot manage and develop yourself, you will struggle to lead others. The first part of this unit, Developing and Leading yourself, helps you to develop your self-awareness, and then to use this insight to manage your work life. You will learn how to master fundamental aspects of your life such as managing your time and your home-work interface (mastery), as well as how to embrace uncertainties (agility) and how to create meaningful change for yourself (proactivity).

In Leading Others, you then learn about how to enable others to achieve mastery, agility and proactivity in their work and life. You will learn about the importance of more transactional forms of leadership (giving feedback, setting clear roles) that promote mastery in others, as well as more transformational forms of leadership (vision, support, etc) that promote others’ agility and proactivity.

The 5-day executive programme requires all delegates to complete an in-depth personal styles assessment alongside a 360-degree leadership skills assessment as pre-assignments to gain a real insight into their leadership strengths. The training then combines a mix of interactive lectures, exercises and discussions, to help them build a complete picture of their individual potential and understand how they can become the best leaders they can be.

What You Will Learn

This Course aims to enable participants to achieve the following objectives:

  • Have a clear understanding of their strengths and weaknesses as leaders
  • Define the personal leadership and life goals through self-evaluation and dialogue.
  • Develop key aspects of transformational leadership in practice.
  • Clarify appropriate approaches, values and beliefs about their leadership style.

Pre-Course Activity

Delegates will be required to read a case study on leadership and compare and contrast this to the current situation in their own organisation.

Suitability – Who should attend?

The Leading Others, Developing & Managing Yourself course is suitable for:

  • Executives and senior managers seeking to reflect on, and further develop, their own leadership style
  • Leaders, managers, supervisors and executives who are required to handle various issues and challenges.
  • Professionals who desire to enhance their abilities for better workplace performance
  • Those aspiring to take on leading roles in their organisation
  • Professionals that wish to nurture and enhance their creative abilities.
  • C Suite Executives and Senior Managers
  • High-performing team members and talented staff who demonstrate leadership skills but may not be in leadership roles
  • Emerging leaders with identified high potential in roles requiring more than traditional management competencies to achieve organisational objectives
  • Directors

Training Methodology

This training seminar uses self-assessment questionnaires, Simulation-based learning, models, case studies; class exercises presentations and group discussion. The use of participants’ own real work situations is usually encouraged.


2019 Aug 05 - 2019 Aug 09


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