KCI’s Political Leadership Program

Course Description

The KCI Political Leadership Programme incorporates practical politics, public policy analysis and process, personal leadership development and effective governance. The programme is a multi-partisan leadership training programme that identifies individuals who are committed to community service and brings them together to engage in a public policy and leadership curriculum. The curriculum incorporates practical politics, public policy analysis and process, personal leadership development, and effective governance. ellows gain the expertise to tackle public policy issues in the community as candidates for office, as government officials, or as citizen activists.

The KCI PLP curriculum is focused on three core subject areas:

Ethics in Public Service – The program will include a study of general ethical principles as they relate to public service. The practical application of bipartisan cooperation in politics, including the use of meditation techniques, is also a central theme throughout the program.

Public Policy – Participants will experience presentations and discussions regarding a variety of public policy issues facing state and local governments including but not limited to the state budget, transportation, education, healthcare, workforce and economic development, crime and public safety, and the environment.

Influencers in the Political Process – Elected officials are not the only ones who impact the workings of government. The class may learn about the changing nature of the electorate, nonpartisan redistricting, campaign finance reporting, conflict of interest laws, the Freedom of Information Act, Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice, and much more.

To understand the causes of organizational behaviors without an understanding of people is like trying to understand the cause of a moving vehicle without knowing about the engine and driver.

What You Will Learn

This Course aims to enable participants to achieve the following objectives :

  • Learn how your style impacts the people around you – your staff, your peers and your boss
  • Improve your knowledge skills to change your style to influence others
  • Explore motivation and values and how they influence individuals
  • Identify the roles which are fulfilled while working as a manager
  • Identify managerial activities that contribute to managerial effectiveness
  • Identify a cause of stress in managerial life from a range covering mismatches between capabilites and role, player-manager tension and everyday stressors
  • Understand time pressures and the need for time management.

Pre-Course Activity

Delegates will be required to read a comprehensive case study on public policyand contrast this to the current situation in their own country, state or local government.

Suitability – Who should attend?

The KCI Political Leadership Programme is suitable for:

  • Members of the House of Assembly
  • Members of the Senate
  • Local Government Chairmen
  • Councillors
  • Political leaders
  • Special Assistants to the Governor
  • Anyone with an interest in politics

Training Methodology

This training seminar uses self-assessment questionnaires, simulation-based learning, models, case studies; class exercises presentations and group discussion. The use of participants’ own real work situations is usually encouraged.


2019 Oct 07 - 2019 Oct 11


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